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In order for a password policy to apply without writing any code of your
own you must rely on NMAS to enforce a password policy. NMAS only
enforces policies when a policy applies in one of the following four
places (checked in this order):

The object itself
The object's parent container (just one container)
The object's partition root container (just one partition root, not
parent partitions).
The Login Policy.Security object

As a result, what you are trying to do is not possible unless you do
something on your own; for example, if all users login through a website
you could check their password when they change it through there, though
that is not using eDirectory password policies at all.

You do not give a reason for not wanting to associate the password
policy directly to the user so I will assume it is because that would be
a lot of work to do initially (though via LDAP it would probably just
take a couple of minutes) or difficult to maintain (every time a user is
added, or changes attribute values, the policy could change). You could
use Novell/NetIQ Identity Manager to automatically manage this attribute
for you based on company so you would just need to setup a Null driver
config once, put in the relationships between attribute values and
password policies, and then let it manage things from there. This would
work continuously on your objects and could also do the initial
value-setting for you. Post in the IDM engine/drivers forum for more
information if you need help setting that up.

Good luck.
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