There was an old thread that referenced an issue we experiancing.

In our custom taks created within Plugin-Studio, we need to be able ot
locate a User entry from a custom attrubute which is from an AUX class.

I tried the suggestion:
"You can modify a task's object list in it's XML declaration.

For tasks created with the Plugin Studio these are in

You can give this approach a try:

* make a backup copy before editing the file.
* locate your task's declaration (<task> <id> .. </task>)
* in there, locate the object type specification
* insert a line with your custom class
(<object-type-name>yourClass</object-type-name>) right after or before this
* locate the module version (<module> .. <version>1.0.0</version>
* in there, increment the version (e.g. to 1.0.1)
* save and use the GUI to update the module in RBS configuration"

and could not get it to work.
The only method that appeard to work is to add the attribute to the
User ObjectClass which is troublesome for other reasons.

Any Ideas?

Additionally, displaying all attributes as a search option, is also
trublesome. In large trees like this one, >200k users, a search on an
attribute that is not desired or not indexed could be problematic. As
in this case the AUX class has many (138) attributes which would
overwelm a drop-down list.


Thank You for your help!

Jim Willeke