I am trying currently to get eDir to log out to syslog, looking at this
link it appears there is a plugin to imanager that lets you configure
the majority of this:

However my attempt so far to install this plugin into iManager 2.7 have

I have got a new install of iManager 2.7, that I have patched to 2.7.5
(by applying the iman27_sp5.npm) and then also including the edir 88
patch (eDir_88_iMan27_Plugins.npm). at this point it tell me that "The
Plug-in could not be added to the list of available Novell Plug-in
Modules because its version is lower than the installed Plug-in's
version." and after that, a restart of tomcat and then iManager still
does not show the "eDirectory Auditing Role" or the "Audit
Configuration" task that I d expect to see as a result of loading these
packages into imanager

I am running iManager locally on a laptop that is connecting into a
solaris 10 server.

Any thoughts about this would be great


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