I'm trying to install iManager for testing purpose.
I have to connect to iDirectory for a client of mine, our solution was
C# coded, and we use Microsoft solution. For testing purpose I have to
install iDirectory and its management tool iManager.

I'm working on a Microsoft SQLServer 2008R2 VM, I install iDirectory and
there is no installation problem, I install the last java SDK and tomcat
5.5 and it was fine too.

I attempting to install iManager, install was ok and my browser (firefox
1.5, I try with others versions and IE) show me the "getting started"
page but when I attempt to connect to iManager on
"http://myIP/nps/iManager.html" it failed with "DHost HTTP Stack File
I/O Module Error". I can see the iManager html page in
C:\ProgramFiles\ApacheSoftwareFoundation\Tomcat5.5 \webapps\nps but
cannot acces it on my browser.

I'm not comfortable with tomcat (use generally IIS), maybe i forget

Thanks for support you can give me


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