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Thread: Forgotten Password option in iM 2.7.6

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    NovAlf NNTP User

    Forgotten Password option in iM 2.7.6

    Well, just to be sure -- is correct that I can't use Forgotten Password
    option just plainly via iManager 2.7.6? I mean, wo having IDM installed.
    (Well, going back to iManager 2.0.2 is not an option.) Not I so miss it,
    but ... maybe good to have!
    More thanks, Alar.

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    ab NNTP User

    Re: Forgotten Password option in iM 2.7.6

    iManager is a configuration tool and nothing else. IDM is a product used
    for identity synchronization which has components (the UserApp in
    particular) that also happen to provide a UI for semi-related features
    like forgotten password reset. Challenge/Response exists outside of IDM
    environments for sure in many forms, some directly from Novell and others
    from third-party products. I'll give a few examples:

    Novell Client (has a 'Forgotten Password' link on workstations).

    If you have IDM, NAM, or SecureLogin I believe you are entitled for
    Self-Service Password Reset, a product which just provides a web
    application that handles the password change stuff.

    PWM is an open source project, upon which the previously mentioned SSPR is
    based, which does the same thing; anybody can use this regardless of
    environment and it's pretty slick.

    Good luck.

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