I restarted our SLES 11, SP2 (OES 11) server after some updates and it
came back up OK, (for the most part).
ndsstat shows that eDirectory is running (8.8 SP7), but iManager won't
It was working before (2.7.6) and it MIGHT be from an upgrade with in
iManager that corrupted it...(not sure).
I can get to the server's "Novell Open Enterprise Server" web page,
select Management Services, iManager, BUT it won't load (Service
If I choose iMonitor, that loads fine.
I uninstalled iManager and downloaded it from Novell's download page,
but it won't let me install it from the command line because (it states)
it has to be installed through Yast2 Open Enterprise Server.
If I try to reinstall it from Yast2 Open Enterprise Server, it goes
through successfully but iManager still doesn't work.
I want to remove it completely and perform a new install of iManager,
(and install Tomcat7 too), server shows Tomcat6 is the latest version
How do I get Yast2 Open Enterprise Server to run the install from the
newly downloaded extracted tar directory?

Thanks, Stan

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