Good day,

I'm using iManager 2.7.6 on my Windows 7 machine, the remote (mobile)
version of iManager. With that said i'm experiencing some strange issues
and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I have the link for "Smart Card Login" when I expand the tab, and try to
select "Global Settings" I receive error, "Complete : System Error
Creating secure SSL LDAP context failed: simple bind failed: <ip address
of the server> I found TID 7007533 Error "Creating secure SSL LDAP
context failed: Simple bind failed ip address:636" while doing a Simple
Selection object search in Mobile iManager 2.7 SP 4"

However; when I go to the Resolution section of the document and attempt
the steps (Step 3) Select Configure iManager I have nothing to
configure. Basically I have the tabs for "save" and for "close" when I
looked on the server (using the server <ip address>) I do see
configurable data. Is there something missing on my mobile version of
iManager, and has anyone been able to fix the above error?

Thank you,


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