iManager 2.7.6 on OES11 sp1/SLES11 sp2 with all updates/patches applied
upto today (Sept 18 2013).

Attempting the above operations produces no pop up dialogs etc. Also
there are no error messages displayed by the client side using either
IE10 or FF23 on Win7. Other operations such as on Attribute Mappings are

Google uncovered two possible fixes, neither of which worked.

1. Change some double quotes to single quotes.
see http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7012923

In my case we are not at 2.7.6 patch1 and the bad formatting is not

2. Disable the cross site scripting filter.
see https://www.netiq.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7012959

Again this applies to 2.7.6 patch1 which we do not have and so the
filter is not present.

Additionally it would appear that iManager 2.7.6 on OES11 sp1 does not
get properly updated via the channel to tomcat7 nor java 1.7. The
documentation for OES11 sp1 Jan 2013 Patches states that iManager 2.7.5
is updated to 2.7.6 along with "support for" tomcat7 and java 1.7.
Specifically it is stated :

 iManager 2.7.6 support for Tomcat 7.0.32. and Java 1.7.0_04

Now maybe this only implies that these components are updated to these
versions. But it is confusing because these components are NOT updated
to these versions and in fact the tomcat7 component is not in either the
OES or SLES channels, but the Java 1.7 component is listed as available
for download/install. Although java 1.7 is not installed.

So I have tomcat6 and java 1.6, not tomcat6/java 1.7. Of course this may
not have anything to do with the inability to modify the ldap class

Three questions:
1. Is this a known problem with these versions?
2. Is there a workaround, or do I have to wait for fixes to hit the
update channel?
3. Is it safe/supported to use ConsoleOne to perform LDAP Class Mapping
modifications until a proper fix is released?



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