I am currently running imanager 2.7.4 with

I am planning an upgrade to imanager 2.7.7, IDM 4.0.2, edirectory 8.8.8

I have a few questions to ask:
1) when i upgrade the edirectory from 8.8.6 to 8.8.8, do I have to
install a new plugin for that?

There is a download link for that:

NetIQ eDirectory 8.8.8 iManager 2.7 Plugins

However, the file name is the same as the one I installed previously -
eDir_88_iMan27_Plugins.npm. Are they referring to the same file?

I realize it is the same file name for NetIQ eDirectory 8.8.7 iManager
2.7 Plugins

2) After upgrading from IDM 3.6.1 to IDM 4.0.2, do I have to upgrade the
imanager plugin as well?

There is no imanager plugin for IDM 4.0.2, However,there is one for IDM
How do I upgrade the plugin?
Do I have to uninstall the IDMPlugins_IMAN_2_7_IDM_3_6_1.npm and install
the new IDMPlugins_IMAN_2_7_IDM_4_0_1_0.npm?
Can I install the IDMPlugins_IMAN_2_7_IDM_4_0_1_0.npm without
uninstalling the IDMPlugins_IMAN_2_7_IDM_3_6_1.npm? Will the new npm
override the old one?
please advise the proper upgrade procedures.

3) What are the other plugins that are necessary for IDM 4.0.2?

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