hi guys
server 1 :- oes linux 10.2 - edir 20506.07 idm version 3.6.15 edir
driver version 3.6.14 imanager 2.7.3
add server 2 :- oes linux 11.1 - edir 20705 idm 4.02 imanager 2.7.6
if i restart the edir driver while still on environment 1 but using
imanager in environment 2 then in dstrace in environment 1 returns:-

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Status: Error
Message: (-9956) DirXMLVerbHandler::construct: An error occurred while
constructing an object: failed, invalid request (-641).

doesnt affect dirxml events - but i dont like the look of any errors
that i dont understand.
all i can find is "this error occurs when an NDAP request us being
handled by the dxevent module" -
has anyone seen this error before or diganosed it or any ideas how to go
about diagnosing it? - i've tried all the settings in dstrace and
updated all imanager plugins on server 2.
theres nothing wrong with comms between servers or any other errors in
the tree.

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