Hi All,

I clicked the "Versioning Discovery" in iManager under "Identity Manager
Utilities" in Role and Task. Select a Derver Set Object and got this

Error: Versioning Discovery Tool - Error
The following 'IO Exception' occurred while trying to access the directory. (java.io.IOException: No space left on device)


Previously One more error I found while deploying driver in existing
Driver Set from Designer:

The Context of the Driver Set named 'Driver Set' does not exist in eDirectory. It is not deploy able.
The Server whos DN is '<....>' cannot be accessed. The deployment cannot be complete.

One more thing:
I opened iManager and look into the Driver Set. And when clicked on a
driver, the messages showed: "Reading Driver Information", that does not
actually ends and details of the driver cannot be found. The icons of
all drivers in this driver set and in others too has no driver images.
Only shows: "app" .

I am wondering If this a storage / memory issue. I have no idea.

Previously before all of these I have implemented a JDBC Oracle driver,
that brought a ton of data. But There was no placement policy in my
driver, so, it did not store anything in to eDirectory. Only it produced
lots of log in -/opt/novell/Logs/<driverName>.log- (I placed logs in
this). Before this process end, I stopped the driver and it went into
-shut down pending- state. Later I managed to start it. But I need to
fire a Job from iManager and I cannot see the driver details from
iManager. Is this the cause of all above problems?

Does IDM keep logs of driver in other location? Because Driver Set is
not configured with any log file.

I did restart ndsd and tomcat, also the VM, but no point.

I did
df -h
from a shell and found no space available in /var. 100% is used.

/ 83% used
/dev 1% used
/dev/shm 0%
/boot 16%
/home 4%
/opt 38%
/srv 4%
/tmp 47%
/usr 54%
/var 100%

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