I did a fresh install of iManager 2.7.7 on a dev server running RHEL
6.5. I edited the platforms.xml file so it would go through, and it
appeared successful. However, the tomcat log shows:

Apr 09, 2014 3:32:43 PM
org.apache.tomcat.util.net.jsse.JSSESocketFactory getStore
SEVERE: Failed to load keystore type JKS with path ?/.keystore due to
/var/opt/novell/tomcat7/?/.keystore (No such file or directory)
java.io.FileNotFoundException: /var/opt/novell/tomcat7/?/.keystore (No
such file or directory)

I searched for a .keystore file under /var/opt/novell/tomcat7, and there
is no such file there. I have a successful install on SLES and it also
does not have a .keystore file under tomcat7, but it does have that file
under /var/opt/novell/novlwww. That file also exists on the RHEL
server. Any ideas why it is trying to load the keystore from
/var/opt/novell/tomcat7/?/.keystore? Where can I change that?

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