This is odd.

Or so I think.

Using Plugin Studio to create a custom plugin for creating a user.

If I add the Copy Object Field (which results in a "copy from user or
template" choice), AND I do not actually use it, I can create users just

If I check the box, and browse for an eDir template, and then click
Create I get a:

(Error -608) An attempt was made to add a property that is illegal to an
object. The NetWare Directory Services schema determines what properties
can be inherited by an object class.

If I use the regular "create user" task, the template works, although of
course, my custom attributes aren't there.
Do I need to modify the template object somehow to include my custom aux
class attribute?

(only thing I could think of that's schema related)

IF I need to do that, how (I don't see the attribute on the "other" tab
in iManager for the template object).

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