Hey all,

Running iManager 2.7.7 on an OES11.2 VM box. Under RBS configuration I
have 39 plugins installed and none are out of date. Under installed
Plug-in modules I have the NetIQ Certificate Server Plug-ins for
iManager 8.882.20140516 NetIQ Certificate Management in eDirectory

Here is my problem:

Using Roles and Tasks > NetIQ Certificate Server > Repair Default
Certificates. It will not create the SSL IP Certificate. Even after
selecting the button to create the SSL IP certificate it still won't
create it. It ONLY creates the SSL DNS Certificate. I have tried
deleting both certificates and re-creating them. Still won't work.

My other iManager box is 2.7.6 and it works flawlessly.

Is there something I'm missing?? It should work the same way!!


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