We are currently working on a PoC at a customer and ran into a small
At the customer we are using DI as a structure for the SCM job and
AppManager as the source.
The structure elements holds a ip address as a property, on the source
elements from AM there also a property containing an ip address.

We can easily join the elements using SCM but we would also like to
create relationships based on properties on a structure and source
This can be done by using dependency generators, but as they only work
with alarms and not element properties that creates a problem.

The manual states that you can create your own dependency consumers in a
SCM job. Any one have any experience using element properties to
generate dependencies?


Structure element: Server A -> Holds property of ip address:
Source element Server B -> Holds a property of ip address neighbour:

We would like to create a dependency between Server A and Server B based
on the properties described above.


Sebastian Kliber

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