I'm not sure I see what any issue would be, most customers change the
admin password in the java client by default.

Just change the password like you would any user password. You should
not have to restart NOC or the Dashboard. If I remember correctly, the
Dashboard talks to the NOC server based on the user clicking on
something. Meaning, when you log into the Dashboard, the user id and
password is validated and then that particular userid is used to access
NOC details (i.e.: elements, alarms, etc).

If you are having issues with this, please contact support immediately.
Also, if you look at the properties of any user, there is a way to
control if the account is for the thick client and/or the Dashboard. I
haven't tried it, but I would imagine you could make it so the "admin"
account could not log into the Dashboard. I assume you are creating
other accounts in NOC with admin privileges.

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