Hi, everyone!
I'm trying to gather data from external JDBC source with a 3rd party
JDBC driver.
I have followed the steps according to the manual and have put the
driver to
If the driver is not signed, NOC client wouldn't load and the java
console would complain that the JDBC driver is not signed (this means
that it does see the driver). I have signed the driver with custom local
certificate and installed old Java 6 release to avoid security
signature-related issues.
After this, there are no warnings in Java console of the NOC Client
Console when starting it up.
Once I open up definition editor, where I have already configured JDBC
connection details, Java console log shows this:

014-11-11 16:10:23,516 ERROR DB.Connector.com.wily.introscope.jdbc.IntroscopeDr iver|jdbc:introscope:net//Admin@|select now(): Cannot load database: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.wily.introscope.jdbc.IntroscopeDriver

Looks like, JDBC driver hasn't even been loaded. Why? Is there anything
I missed with JDBC driver config?

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