Hi all...

I would like to failback from platespin forge to physical server and i
have read this document.. http://tinyurl.com/pju6cze

Please help me, i can't find download link or anything related with the
PlateSpin Boot ISO Image (im using platespin Forge 3.3).
And right now i can't boot platespin ISO image from physical server for
this matter.

Environment Description:
- Platespin Forge 3.3
- Protected Workload: Windows 7 Ultimate
- 1 Physical PC no OS, connected to the platespin forge server network

What i've done:
- Try to boot the Physical PC using file WindowsFailback_WinPE3.iso
- Input parameter for IP PlateSpin Forge, Domain\Username & Password

The result is:
- Registration Request Submitted & Done Controller Installed &
Controller Started
- No Failback detected from Platespin Forge Console

i highly appreciate any of your help,

Yoko Stephano

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