Hi I am trying to migrate a VM Windows 2008 Enterprise R2, to a
Physical Server a Dell PowerEdge R610 server.
When I boot with the WinPE CD I am able to discover the Physical Server
from the Platespin console.

But I am not able to see the SAN LUNs. I am working remotely, so I don't
have access to the physical server, no remote card is available but I
have someone in front of the server helping me.

When I verify the physical disks from the analyzed report of this
physical server I can see the Direct attached disk (RAID1 = 2 HDD
136GB+1 hot spare) 136GB.
But I am not able to see the SAN LUNs from Platespin console.

San LUNs are:

I requested my coworker to run diskpart, list disk and he can see
multiple disks
Disk 0 to Disk 7 are the multipaths for the SAN LUNs, with the right
sizes. = 4 disks(paths) of 150GB and 4 disks (paths) of 200GB.
I read on the FAQ that multipathing through WINPE is not supported.
So I already requested SAN team to only have one path per SAN LUN. And I
am still waiting for this.

I guess this is not an HBA driver issue as I can already see the SAN
LUNs multiple times.
My question is, if this doesn't work, do I have anything else to do?


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