Migrate version: 9.3
Migrate server: Windows server 2003
Migrate source: Physical Redhat Linux
Migrate target: VM on Xen server


when I boot linux on target from bootofx.x2p.iso, it shows boot menu, I
chose ps64, then kernel uncompressed and load linux, after while the
screen was gone
with black screen, it can't response for any key input. I edited
CONFIGUR.XML and use rebuildiso.sh to burn another iso, failed. I also
tried to edit boot option to delete "vga=extended" to prevent the
display issue, failed, it showed same issue.

I used migrate 9.0 on the same target, it works. But unfortunately it
can't support linux ext4, I have to give it up.

Please help me to fix this. Why bootofx.x2p.iso can't boot linux on Xen
server target? Thanks!

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