Are there scenarios where a full migration would be quicker than a
server sync?

I performed a P2V Platespin migration last week on one of our Windows
file servers. It took a little over four hours to copy 1.2TB which I was
pleased with.

I've done a subsequent server sync today and I'm currently seven hours
into the data transfer stage and have only just hit 66%. I don't know
how much data would have been updated since last week but I'd be
surprised if it was more than 200GB.

There's probably some other issue affecting today's operation but I was
curious whether there were any situation where it's faster to just drop
the old VM and copy from scratch.

The job I'm running is "Perform Snapshot Block Based Live One-Time
Synchronization Between Physical Machine xxx and Virtual Machine xxx".
This is a Windows Server 2008 to a VMWare ESXi Server 5.5 virtual
machine, if that matters.

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