Since there hasn't been any update:

There are known issues with OES 2 source workloads if running on
para-virtualized VMs. The support team has generally been made aware of
how best to go about this, so I recommend contacting them until
documentation is released.

It boils down to this:

Para-virtualized VMs use a different kernel than standard VMs or
physical machines. You will need to install a standard version of the
kernel in parallel with your -xen version (don't use YaST!), as well as
standard versions of certain packages (which will be listed in the
diagnostic for the add workload job once the standard kernel has been
applied). Once those are in place you will also need to create a custom
block-based kernel for your source. Then you just have to deal with any
other issues that come as normal; that is, see what error you get
(should be in the diagnostics), search the knowledge base and if all
else fails contact support.

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