dennisyoung_sysdbacom;248470 Wrote:
> When inventorying a machine, all goes well up to the step "Import
> Machine", where the task 'ImportMachine" fails with the error "No
> Licenses Available to Insert Machines".
> I am using the eval license supplied, and the inventory section of the
> license details state "Umlimited" inventoried servers.
> Have I missed something?
> Please assist as we are evaluating this product for an upcoming server
> consolidation project with a customer.
> Many thanks,

We got similar errors when importing a .PRS file into an eval licenced
copy of Recon.
The workaround was to create a brand new site name on the eval copy of
Recon, and import the .PRS data into that new site. The new site icon
is green coloured. The default Local icon is blue coloured and slightly

Platespin Recon

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