Hi All

I am using framework manager 2.3.2 in a linux 6.2 and framework agent is
also in linux.
I have made a rule for to restrict the kill command but it's did'nt work
for me.

Pseudo code:

Begin Rule: Restrict Kill Command
If ((command IN pcksh) AND (user IN Admins))
Set Authorize: yes
Set Session Capture: yes
Set runUser = "root"
Run Script: Rush Illegal
End If
End Rule: Restrict Kill Command

And the command in pcksh is (pcksh) . Is this the right command for
pcksh ??
and user in the admins is the user who's login shell is pcksh and also
tried with the user who's login shell was cpcksh but both not worked.

I am unable to restrict kill command
Thanks in advance

Best Regards

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