NetIQ is pleased to announce the availability of NetIQ Secure
Configuration Manager 6.0!

Secure Configuration Manager 6.0 is a significant release for existing
and prospective customers with expanded assessment coverage, simplified
integration and a new licensing model.

Key enhancements with this release include:

- Network Device support: Security configuration assessment coverage
has been expanded to support more network devices, including
out-of-the-box support for Cisco and Juniper devices. Where other
network device support is needed, a flexible interface has been
provided to allow customers or professional services to extend support
to other network devices.
- Sentinel integration: Events can be sent to Sentinel when security
checks fail on an asset, or policy set, basis. Awareness of security
vulnerabilities and compliance failures gives the security analyst
relevant context for evaluating current threats.
- Streamline integration with IT GRC solutions: Unified Compliance
Framework interface (UCFi) standard integration support helps to
significantly reduce the cost of ownership and improve usability of
NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager when used with IT GRC solutions.
- Infrastructure and content currency updates: This not only includes
updates to much of the security content, but updates to enable
operation on Windows 2012 R2, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and 2014.


With this release, licensing has been simplified from an endpoint model
that counted each logical operating system and type of operating system,
each database instance, and each web service to one that is focused on
the asset. The license metrics are now:

Per Server: multi-user OS and supported applications and DBs hosted on
Per Workstation: single user OS and supported applications and DBs
hosted on it
Per Device: logical network devices
Per IBM i LPAR multi-user, IBM i logical partition LPAR multi-user, IBM
i logical partition

The SCAP modules and Traveling licenses have been updated to align with
this change but remain available.

Here's where to find more information:

- Upgrade installer:
- Documentation:

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