old topic,

did get any info on this?


On 13.07.2012 12:06, clovercne wrote:
> Hi All
> Just noticed on the Support Lifecycle page that end date of general
> support for NSL v7 has been changed from September 2012 (!!!!) to March
> 2014 (phew)
> Whilst it's very good news that it will continue to be supported, this
> has got me wondering, will there be an NSL v8 or is this the last
> version of the product we are likely to see ?
> I'm trying to set customer expectations as to life of the product - I
> had been telling them that support was ending and we had to look at
> migrating to another solution, now I go to a slightly awkward meeting
> and tell them we have until 2014. However, if v8 is around the corner
> (with its associated support period) then I can tell them to relax and
> forget I even mentioned it :-)
> Anyone have any insight ?