We are planning on migrating our NSL 3.5.1 / eDirectory estate to NSL
7.0.3 SP3 HF2 /AD and I am currently developing/tweaking the application
scripts in the new environment before trialing the product at a couple
of beta sites (we have 10,000+ users of NSL)

The dev environment is fairly simple, with just 2 Windows 2003 DCs, and
a couple of Windows XP workstations.

During my testing I have noticed a couple of occassions where my test
user's NSL credentials have become corrupted such that I end up with two
or more 'logins' for a single application on their user object (only 1
of which contains real information, the others just have the default
username/password fields which are blank). When I then start the
application, I am prompted by NSL to select which set of credentials I
want to use.

I have never seen this sort of thing before in the NSL 3.5.1 /
eDirectory world, so am unsure what could be causing this now. Is it
something going wrong with NSL 7, or perhaps AD ? I can't see any errors
in the event log on the PC which might indicate something has gone

Perhaps it's related to my use of 'SLManager' on one of the DCs to
update applications/check the user account whilst the test user is
logged in on the XP workstation ? I am shocked as to how awful the
'SLManager' application is from a useability point of view, so I am
thinking it's not impossible for it to be the source of the corruption.

Has anyone seen any problems with random NSL credential
corruption/duplication and identified any possible causes ?

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