Imanager 2.7.3 on NetWare 6.5.8 with Java 1.4.2_18
Install 7.0.3 sso plugin from SecureLogin (I've tried 3 different builds
of 7.0.3)

Advanced tab fails with error - Unable to compile class for JSP
Generated servlet error:
SYS:\tomcat\5.0\work\Catalina\localhost\nps\org\ap ache\jsp\portal\modules\sso\skins\default_\devices \default_\
incompatible types for ?: neither is a subtype of the other second
operand: java.lang.String[] third operand : java.lang.String
out.print(iPage.ipandTimeStamp!= null ? iPage.ipandTimeStamp: ""); ^ 1

Backrev to SecureLogin 6.1.1 plugin and the Advanced tab works (but of
course 7.x features do not).

Anyone out there have it working ?


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