After 3 years I am back with the same issue... Because today this is a
"big" issue for my environment...

So, I have the DAS from NSL 7.03 HF 4; XP (not tested on Win7),
connected to eDir (No LDAP option during the install process) and NO
secret Store.
Universal password is set ...

I have a auto-login on the XP with a local user....

Everything works ... I can login on the eDir ... Except when I use the
?SysPassword in the Application script.

The ?SysUser is always the network user (who is just logged) but the
?SysPassword is always the local user (used for the auto-login)

NOW, if you give to this local user the Workstation administrator right,
it works: The application script will send the good ?SysPassword and the
good ?SysUser from the user who is just logged...

So the local user (for the auto-login) does have all the right on the
machine and we have something like a security hole ... No Good ...

Does anybody have the same issue ? Or did I made something wrong ?

Tx fro your help ...


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