A few years ago at a BrainShare I was discussing this with some of the
old Protocom people and we thought that you may be able to define the
ID/Password pair against the container (in the same manner as the
corporate scripts) and that this would then flow down to all fo the
relevant users. You would potentially need to find some other way of
limiting access to the web site (group membership, attribute information
or something similar).

As an alternative you could use SLAPTOOL or push the ID/Password into
the relevant user by LDAP or IDM. This would allow for the specific
user to receive the information while other users do not.


On 24/04/2013 01:34, iblackwood wrote:
> I am aware that this is by no means secure against someone wanting to
> sniff the credentials.
> However, this removes the need to write it on a post it note, or put it
> in an easily shared email.
> The website will not issue an account per user - not that this would
> make it more secure. We work with what we have.
> Access Manager would be a better solution but we don't have it.
> An RTFM later and I can state that "copy credentials" does not copy the
> password. Apparently WAD.
> So I have to enter the password for each object I copy the application
> to.
> Cheers
> Ian