I have an issue with an application providing the error messages inside
the login window.

To explain shortly:

I got my authentication window => NSL can "type" the credentials and the
submit (or Enter) command.

If the credentials are wrong or if the user is locked, an error message
is showed immediately in the login window.
In fact, the application creates an new (error) area below the
authentication area ... And in the same window...
Using Wintool.exe, I can see that nothing is changed or modified from
the original authentication window.

So I suppose that NSL did not realized that something was changed in the

I am trying to find a way to managed the error messages but until now
.... Nothing .. Maybe I did not find the good script command or maybe
someone has a workaround ...?

The SecureLogin I uses is 703 ...

Tx a lot for your help ..


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