New to this forum so hello.

I've been given the dubious honour of updating our Lotus Notes R6 SL
script to work with R8, which has gone fine considering I'm learning but
there's one scenario that it won't cope with. This scenario is:

1. User logs on to PC for first time
2. Local Notes Data folder created
3. Password held in SL is incorrect
4. Script kills Notes and cancels out - with option to reset password
via browser.

Problem is, no matter what the user does next, because the local data
folder was created but not fully initialised with an authenticated user,
the next time they launch Notes it goes straight to Client Config wizard
which users cannot be expected to deal with - indeed, I'd say its a
fault in the way Notes works.

Cutting to the chase, I need to delete that Data folder at point of
exiting the SL script. I cannot see any command like 'Kill' in vbs to do
this. I could 'run' a .bat file but that involves storing that in the
build which I know will come up against resistance. OR can a .bat file
be stored within SL to be run from the script?

Any advice much appreciated.


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