Running SecureLogin 8 on Windows XP Pro SP3 logged in as eDir admin
through Novell Client. Other profiles have been created and are working

I have my company URL of http://www.<my URL>.com. I have some Oracle
apps that being hosted internally and one server has two apps that are
accessed through the same subdomain name just different sub-directories
of the host:


The SecureLogin client detected the xmlpsever login screen just fine. I
ran through the wizard and created a valid profile so that now when I go
to that application's URL SecureLogin does what I need. However, when I
go to the analytics URL SecureLogin does nothing. It never detects a
login screen, it does not run the wizard, it does not attempt to login
with the xmlpserver profile, just nothing. How can I get SecureLogin to
recognize both applications through this shared URL?

I have tried converting the xmlpserver profile to a script and then
copying that script over to a new web script profile created just for
the analytics URL but that doesn't seem to have had any impact. And
yes, I did modify the script to reference the proper form and input
names for the analytics login page.

Thanks in advance.

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