So I have 2 problems it seems.

We are running OES 10 SP2 with NSL. The installation of the NSL schema
extensions in our eDir went fine with no issues, we have successfully
installed the NSL SSO iManager plug-in and were able to successfully
import/export our application profiles from our Dev environment to our
Prod environment without any errors. Now, here are my issues:

1. On our primary eDirectory server, when we access the NSL SSO plug-in
through the iManager running on that server we are able to see all of
our application profiles but most of them show an "Unknown" and we are
unable to copy or save any profiles that have that type designation.
And, if we create new profiles in that environment through the NSL
client they show up as "Unknown" type. All of the profiles in the Dev
environment show up fine and we are able to create new profiles without
any issues but if we import/export them into the Prod environment the
type changes to "Unknown". This unknown type value does not seem to
impact the ability to use the profiles within the NSL client but we are
unable to manage these profiles effectively in iManager.

2. On a whim, we decided to try and manage these profiles from another
iManager instance running on another OES box in the replica ring. When
I access the NSL SSO plug-in and point it to an object in the directory
that should have application profiles I do not see any profiles listed,
like there are no profiles in the directory. I'm not sure why I can see
the profiles on one server but not the other and if these two issues
might be related.

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