Hi , I've configured the Forgotten Password option with reCaptcha
settings. It correctly shows the reCaptcha image verification codes, but
after I enter them or whatever character I get the message:

PWM 5032
An error occurred while validating captcha response. Please close your
brower and try again. If this error occurs repeatedly contact your

The detailed log shows:
event: Fatal Event
instanceID: 9E90BC4296047096
timestamp: Wed Jun 06 10:08:47 ART 2012
level: FATAL
date: Wed Jun 06 10:08:47 ART 2012
topic: password.pwm.servlet.CaptchaServlet
message: error org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException during
recaptcha api validation: 5032 ERROR_CAPTCHA_API_ERROR (unexpected error
during recpatcha API execution: Connection to http://www.google.com

I'm using an internet proxy on the server running sspr and I can
correctly browser to www.google.com, should I need to configure it
anywhere else?

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