I've not read the docs all the way through yet, but noticed that there's
some enhancements to NMAS integration?

My specific questions:

We currently have NMAS/UP enabled with challenge response and use Novell
Client and/or IDM UserApp 3.6.1 (yeah I know) to fill out the 1
mandatory question and one "choose your own" questions.


If we switch to SSPR 3.0 to do the web-based challenge/response,
(instead of UA), will it be able to read the current questions/answers
we have stored in NMAS/UP?

And if so:
What if you still continue to use the UserApp to allow users to
set/change their password and challenge/response questions? (Or must we
point them to SSPR 3.0

You may ask, why use SSPR 3.0 then?

1) IDM 3.6.1 doesn't work with any of the newer browsers properly when
sending to the password expired portlet thing, and it's not as easy to
upgrade (time, etc.)

2) Depending on Jason's answer to my other questions in the other
posting, if SSPR 3.0 can let us do the "pool" of questions, then we'd
like that instead of IDM UA for password stuff.

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