Verify you see "advanced settings" with the "view" menu.

Looking at the -User Email Attribute-. It is set to "mail" by default -
which is perfectly valid for most folks that will be using our system.

However, we are also using the "homeEmailAddress" attrib for the
"homeInfo" eDir aux class.

The folks with homeEmailAddress populated may (or may not) have a "mail"
attrib populated.

Is there a recommend way to adjust email notices for account
activation/password reset, etc. to flow through *both* or *the one used
for activation or lookup query* ?

It seems odd that it is so easy to customize all the other attribs for
searching and display but the email templates can only go to one

I don't want to combine the two mentioned email attribs because each has
separate business requirements and those affect downstream IDM-connected

Open to suggestions - thanks.

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