We are trying to implement SSPR for our supplier portal with edirectory
password policies and are using challenge/response for Forgotten
Password. The idea is to have the portal login page (using Entrust
getAccess not Access Manager) calls the
CommandServlet?processAction=checkExpire on successful login.
Therefore, if the user is within the warning period before expiry they
are going to be shown the challenges whether they want to complete them
at that time or not. The business are complaining that they don't want
users being presented with the challenge/response setup on first login
without warning as they might be trying to access the portal for an
urgent activity.
They would want users to be able to set their challenges at a time
convenient to them, but they should be warned on login periodically if
they haven't set their responses yet, similar to the change password
warning before expiry which gives the option to either change your
password or Continue to the portal.
Is this possible with SSPR?

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