I am configuring SSPR in order for users up update their personal
information. Most of these attributes is quite simple but I also want to
configure Location (L) which is based on a list of pre-determined
values. I noticed that I can config Location as a "select" type and then
I can add values under options | select options. My list of locations
however is +_450 so to capture that manually is a bit of an issue.

I downloaded the config file and see that the list is in plan text

value>{"name":"L","minimumLength":0,"maximumLength ":255,"type":"select","required":false,"confirmati onRequired":false,"readonly":false,"unique":false, "labels":{"":"Location"},"regexErrors":{"":""},"de scription":{"":"Location"},"selectOptions":{"loc1" :"Location
1","loc2":"Location 2"}}</value>

I am concerned the 450 entries in 1 text string is not the most
efficient but it would also be nice to de-couple the application from
the data in similar way the the UA have a query option to query
eDirectory for a list of objects (locations in this case) so I have the
following questions:

1. What is the limit (no of entries) of what you can configured inside
SSPR/PWM without it breaking?
2. Is there another entry type that could achieve something similar to
retrieve a list from an external source?
3. Are there any documentation available on the input types and
facilities to configure them?

Anybody have some info or ideas?

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