Hi All,

We are trying to populate NMAS Challenge/Response questions that are
associated with the UP on behalf of users in the Identity Vault and
using the SSPR 3.0 REST interface to do it. Looking at the
https://<ssprip>:<ssprport>/sspr/public/rest.jsp site, i can see there
is a sample showing that this should be possible except when I try to do
it I always get back:

{"error":true,"errorCode":5027,"errorMessage":" You do not have
permission to perform the requested action.","errorDetail":"5027

I am authenticating as the IDV admin when performing the POST and
providing someone else's userID for the username parameter. As a sanity
check, I can successfully set the responses to the challenge questions
if I authenticate as the user when submitting the POST so i know my HTTP
Request is in good shape. I have already tried granting the admin user
explicit rights to the security container in the tree but that didn't
seem to do much.

Does anyone know why the admin user would receive this
ERROR_UNAUTHORIZED? Is there anything particular with NMAS that I have
to configure in order to have the admin user be able to set other users'


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