Assuming I've setup SSPR 3.0 correctly against eDir with existing NMAS
policies (password policies, forgotten password, etc.):

Apparently SSPR 3.0 is hard-coded to use recaptcha (you can't globally
turn it off, you can only use the selective "skip" parameter)?

So I setup the recaptcha stuff, but then ran into the proxy issue, and
seemed to fix that (at least the API errors went away)

Okay, so I go to the:

I click the Forgotten password

It asks me for my email and last name (fine)
I put the information in and click Search
I get the recpatcha
I input the info and click Verify

SSPR immediately takes me back to the "email/last name" page.

No acknowledgement that anything has been processed/sent, etc.

I did make sure I put the email server in the config setting

The debug logs indicate it's not liking the default tokens built into
SSPR for the email notifications?

Alert Notification <noreply@@SiteHost@>

(The documentation doesn't specifically state the above is invalid and
to replace it, nor does it state where to set the global variable:

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