I am setting up the Activate User module in SSPR 3.0. I have givenName
and sn set to required in the options, and postalCode and employeeID set
as not required. However, the non-required attributes seems to be
required anyway to activate the user even though it is not required in
the form. The help tag says that "Any attributes that are listed in the
form but are not used in the search filter will tested by attempting an
ldap compare with the user supplied value."

I have tried setting the Activation Search Filter to
(&(objectClass=person)(givenName=%givenName%)(sn=% sn%)) and
(&(objectClass=person)(givenName=%givenName%)(sn=% sn%)(postalCode=%postalCode%)(employeeID=%employee ID%)).
The first way it matches the user, then does a compare with a blank
postalCode (LDAP trace shows filter: "(postalCode=)"). The second way
it fails to find the user because the initial filter includes
(postalCode=). If I populate postalCode, the same thing happens with

Is there a way not to require some of the attributes included in the
form, but to use them if they are present?

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