Is the Client Login Extension (CLE) option to "Force user for challenge
response enrollment" (their extra 'l', not mine! ;-) dependent on any
specific versions/configuration?

I am trying to force enrolment from a Win7SP1Pro client with
CLE_3.8_HF1_3 to an SSPR v3.2.0.1 configured against an eDirectory
identity vault. The machine authenticates against AD and passively
against the production eDirectory, which both synchronised via the
identity vault.

I have performed "Configuring SSPR for the Client Login Extension
Launch SSPR, in the Configuration Editor page, click Settings >
Integration/Developer > Enable External
Web Services."

On my test machine I can get the pre login Forgotten Password to work
for an 'enrolled user', etc. However when a 'non enrolled user' logs in
there is no sign of a forced enrolment.... I was expecting the
enrolment web page to pop up...


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