I'm running SSPR v3.2.0.2 b27 r38504 on a Windows 2012 server with 4GB
RAM where SSPR is the only application. eDirectory 8.8.8 20805.07 is
running on Linux.

This is a development environment so there is no load on the SSPR server
or the eDirectory server.

When logging in to SSPR just as a regular user it feels the login takes
too long.

The login takes 4-5 seconds.

In ndstrace I can see the delay between the time SSPR binds as the proxy
user and performs the search and then it takes 4-5 seconds before
binding as the user that is authenticating.

Any ideas?

For example there is a delay between New TLS connection and initiating
TLS handshake. That doesn't happen when I test with the same user using
Apache Directory Studio.

1598424832 LDAP: [2015/03/13 17:11:46.857] New TLS connection 0xcdbca80
from, monitor = 0x44005700, index = 7
1140872960 LDAP: [2015/03/13 17:11:51.373] Monitor 0x44005700 initiating
TLS handshake on connection 0xcdbca80
1597372160 LDAP: [2015/03/13 17:11:51.373]
( DoTLSHandshake on connection 0xcdbca80
1597372160 LDAP: [2015/03/13 17:11:51.415] BIO ctrl called with unknown
cmd 7
1597372160 LDAP: [2015/03/13 17:11:51.415]
( Completed TLS handshake on
connection 0xcdbca80
1151686400 LDAP: [2015/03/13 17:11:51.416]
( DoBind on connection 0xcdbca80