Hi All,

I'm just setting up SSPR, and installed Client login extensions on an
Windows 7 vm. When I click on the Forgotten Password link on the login
page, I get the error:* You must use the HTTPS protocol*
The url I'm using for the link is
-https://servername.fqdn/sspr/public/ForgottenPassword -

This is on CLE 3.8.1_17 on Win7. SSPR is v3.2 b62 r38408.
SSPR is running on tomcat 6 with SSL on port 8443, with a proxy
connector to apache on port 443, both with the same wildcard ssl cert.
Everything works fine from a normal browser on the same, and I don't see
any non-ssl requests, or any requests to any other site, from the
browser debugger (F12) or from watching my proxy logs. I've tried it
with the proxy on and off as well.

Any ideas why the restricted browser would be yelling at me to use HTTPS
even though I already am?



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