I am trying to understand how to collect XDAS events from eDirectory and
forward them to my SLM server, without using the Platform Agent. The
documentation is vague on details when it comes to explaining XDAS setup
& configuration. I am looking at the following docs:

'Sentinal Collector Guide'
'Novell XDASv2 Administration Guide'

I have configured my xdasconfig.properties file according to pg 7 of
the 'Sentinal Collector Guide'

I have installed the latest collectors and connectors from 'the
Sentinel Plug-ins site'
I have enabled XDAS events through iManager for my event source
according to the docs, but am not able to get any events from the source
into SLM

One of my requirements is that I do not use the platform agent. If I
am understanding the documentation ( reading between the lines!) *XDAS
events come through the Syslog:Map connect method so the platform Agent
is not used. Is this correct?*

I am unclear what collector/connector I should be configuring my event
source object against. I cannot find a collector/connector combination
that allows me to choose the the Syslog:Map connect method. Only
Audit:Map Output or custom are offered through the Audit connector.
*What connector/collector combination should I use to get XDAS events
out of eDirectory (Without using the platform agent)?*

-Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond

-Mike K

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