based on "Text" within a Message of an Event, may I decide/set the
Severity Level ?

IBM AIX is configured to send its logs to SLM via Syslog. On my AIX
server Oracle is configure to log 'SYS' user events into syslog, also
AIX is configured to receive logs from Oracle into syslog. So any
activity performed by user 'SYS' is available to Syslog on AIX, and/or
to SLM too.

SLM presents all the events/logs from AIX(via Syslog) that contains any
information(Text within the Message of any event) about Oracle with
'Severity 1'.. and we have no issue. But my Customer wants to set the
Severity to "4" of all the Events that contains the text "Oracle Audit
AND drop user" in the Message.

possible ? how ? please assist.

Muhammad Sharfuddin

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