Hi Guys,

I have a question, it may be a misunderstanding by me and I just wanted
to clarify with you guys. So tagging events in Sentinel 7, in particular
PCI events. There is a tag setup out the box for PCI and the admin guide
seems to suggest if this tag is applied to an event source that only
users with the PCI Compliance Auditor role can view these events.

> You must have the appropriate permission to view events that are tagged
> with specific tags. For
> example, only users in the PCI Compliance Auditor role can view events
> that are tagged with at least
> one of the regulation‐related tags such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA,
> JSOX, and ISO/IEC_27002:2005.

So on a test vm I have applied the PCI tag to a collector manager so
that all events that pass through this are tagged as PCI events. This
works as expected, however if I login as a user with any of the
following roles I can see these PCI events: Administrator, User, or PCI
Compliance Auditor. I was expecting only the PCI Compliance Auditor and
maybe the Administrator to be able to see these events, not a user with
a standard User role.

Is there a way to restrict a tag to specifically only be accessible
from 1 role? Is this how the default PCI role should be?

Thanks in Advance.

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