Hi all,

We are brainstorming about our sentinel 7 production environment and
are considering our backup strategy and I was wondering what your
thoughts are about this topic.

First our current situation (sentinel 6):
Our sentinel server is archiving every day old events to a file. This
file is then back-uped to tape and after the backup deleted.

New situation (Sentinel 7):
Because everything is already a file we can't use our old strategy
anymore. We also want to use the extra compression (remote storage) to
have more data online, so we can't use the remote storage to backup. I
guess this mean we should resort to some external solution to move files
to some other directory to be back-uped and deleted ( a script or
something like that). Or is there something we can do with sentinel
itself to do this?
We don't want to backup all data on the remote storage.

Please share your thoughts about this topic or how Sentinel backup is
arranged at your company.

Kind regards,
Anco Vader

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