Hi Guys,

Now I guess this could fall into a Sentinel or eDir or IDM question so
feel free to move it to the appropriate forum. I have a customer wanting
to have multiple hosts specified in the xdasconfig.properties file so
that in the event of a collector manager going down it fails over to the
second collector manager etc. So the documentation online says that
hosts should be separated by a comma however on doing this the following
error is seen in the ndsd.log file:

log4cxx: Cannot get information about host:,
log4cxx: Could not find UDP Host, All logging will FAIL.
log4cxx: Cannot get information about host:,
Sep 21 05:56:46 Novell eDirectory XDASv2 Instrumentation module started

I have tried in the xdas config file having both comma seperated and
comma followed by a space then the next ip.




Both have the same result in the ndsd.log file. It looks as though XDAS
treats the entire string as one host. The edir box can successfully ping
both ip addresses and they are listening on the correct port.

Extract from the documentation which I referenced to above (found at:

> log4j.appender.S.Host=localhost
> Specifies the location of the Syslog server where XDAS events are
> logged.
> In an environment where XDAS connects to multiple hosts. You need to
> separate the IP address of each server with commas in the
> log4j.appender.S.Host entry. For
> example,log4j.appender.S.Host=,192.168. 0.3,
> connects to the servers in the order specified. If the first logging
> server goes down, XDAS tries to connect to the second logging server,
> and so on.

Has anyone got an idea where I may be going wrong?

If it helps this is a Sentinel 7.0.1 instance and collecting from an
eDir 8.8.6 server with IDM 4.0.1 Advanced Edition installed. Incidentaly
if you remove the second IP address it all works as expected!

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